10 Articles on iPods in the Classroom

1. Pros and Cons of iPods in School

This article lists several pros and cons to consider when bring iPods into the classroom. Some of the cons listed are downloading inappropriate media, students are too distracted with the technology to learn, and they can contribute to antisocial behavior. The pros included recording lectures for later studying, something to do during down time, and they are able to install lots of educational apps.

2. IPod Bans: Are Schools Cheating Our Kids?


This article shares the pros of using technology in education and helping students become creative thinkers.

3. Using the iPod in Special Education

The site offers a video to explain how IPods can help teachers meet the needs and IEP goals of special needs students. This technology frees up teacher to observe students in the test taking process while allowing them to work at their own pace.

4. Top 50 iPhone Apps for Teachers

This site gives educators a collection of apps that can be used in and out of the classroom. It is set up in easy to use categories that allow you to find what you need.

5. WritingFix

This article talks about how students can incorporate music and the connections they make to the lyrics into writing pieces. There are several lesson plans for iPod inspired writing pieces listed and are updated regularly. It allows students to challenge their creative side while expressing themselves. Very cool!

6. Math Tutor

This site offers iPod downloads in algebra, geometry, trig, and calculus. It offers step-by-step instructions on how to download these video tutorials onto your iTunes account and then sync them to your iPod. It would be a helpful site for those who need math support.

7. Learning Math With Music

This PDF file is a lesson that incorporates learning math facts to music. It gives you step-by-step instructions on how students will work in groups to create a rhyme or song for an entire family of math facts. Then using an iPod and voice recorder download they can download their projects to create a CD for future studying.

8. Teaching Heart’s

This site is a collection of teacher ideas of how to use iPods in the classroom. Ideas range from centers to reading assessments. At the very bottom of the webpage there are links to several other ideas for lessons, “how to” suggestions, or accessories for your iPod.

9. Podcasts for Educators, Schools and Colleges

This site is a directory of podcasts that are made by students, educators and parents. The podcasts are educational and broken down by age so it is easier to find what interests you.

10. Storynory
Search over 100 stories and tales to use in your next podcast or download onto your iPod.